What Our Clients Say

"If you’re looking for true clean, there’s no better cleaners than Benito & Claudia. We have a 4,000 sqft house in Frisco with four small children all under the age of 8. Our house is thoroughly destroyed within days, but when Benito & Claudia show-up the whole house looks new under two hours. Not a speck of dust to be found, and everything is in its proper place. They provide my wife and I with real peace of mind. The cleanliness simply melts away all stress and anxiety."
Maria, Frisco Resident.
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"I thank the lord every day for Benito & Claudia. They are my life savers! Not only do they do an AMAZING job cleaning my house, but Benito has a real knack for finding lost objects. I’ve lost my wedding ring so many times and Benito is able to find it every time. He’s also found my cell phone, wallet, car key and more on countless occasions. I don’t know what I would do without Benito & Claudia they always save the day for me in more ways than one."
Cristina, Frisco Resident.
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"Honesty and trustworthiness cannot be understated, you often hear horror stories of home invasions, and property items going missing etc. In many cases it’s the cleaning service you hire that snatches-up your precious belongings and scopes out your property for a future home invasion. You can never be too careful with who you hire and allow into your home. Well, I have news for you! Benito & Claudia have been cleaning our home for over 4 years now. I leave jewelry worth tens-of-thousands just sitting out, money, wallets, electronics, all kinds of things just laying around and not once has anything ever moved from its place. I can attest with affirmation that you can honestly trust Benito & Claudia 100% and that in my book is priceless."
John, Frisco Resident.
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