Our Cleaning Services

We have a range options to help keep your home clean, with regular cleanings, one time deep cleanings or we will even fully clean a home in preparation for staging for a sale.

• Daily • Weekly • Bi-weekly • Monthly • Occasional

Our services

Standard Residential Housekeeping Services
We’re here to serve you weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Need a one-time service? No problem! We offer extremely competitive prices to meet your budget. We charge ¢0.02 cents per square foot, $30 for master baths, $20 for full baths, and $10 for half-baths. A 4,000 square foot house with four bathrooms would run $160 per cleaning. Our minimum charge for cleaning is $100.

Deep Cleaning Residential Housekeeping Services
We offer extremely competitive prices to meet your budget. Our deep-cleaning service is extensive, thorough, and completely customizable! We recommend deep-cleaning every 4 months. Deep-cleaning of a 4,000 square foot home would run approximately $400. Need a one-time deep-clean? No problem!

Customized Residential Housekeeping Services

We can customize cleaning services tailored to meet your specific needs.